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Strangers: The people who you can be honest to.
 Daydreaming is a thing I do often, I just think about possible situations that I may or may not get myself into. I am that type of person who likes to be prepared to say the right thing. Risking to say the wrong thing is something i'm not too keen on. I was just thinking about honesty and how when your being honest with strangers, people just walking down the street, people you'll never meet  again, being honest with them is perfectly harmless ( I mean unless their some obvious crazed wacko... then that's another situation). Because when your honest with someone you know, you may have something to lose; with strangers, you'll know they'll go on with their life and your prepared for that. So i find it best to be honest with those strangers because with people you know, people you want to stay in your life ( hello, you have them there for a reason!) there is the slight possibility that after your done with your honest statement, they might not like it and they'll leave. Now, I'm not saying their always   leave but I'm just saying the possibility is there, whether we like it or not. Sometimes that's a risk some aren't willing to take. 
That's why being honest with strangers is ... well, awesome, why? 
They'll be honest right back, why?
They know they'll probably never see you again.

Strangers: The people who you can be honest to.


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